Q: Are the arrows safe?

A: Yes they are! The arrows have a foam tip made with a special compound that allows the arrows to achieve good distance without causing any real pain on impact. Regardless, we do require that all participants wear the proper safety equipment and follow all safety procedures we have put into place. Safety is not an accident at Archery Addiction!


Q: Does it matter if i've never used a bow before?

A: No experience necessary, but what a great time to learn! Our equipment is safe and easy to use and our experienced coaches take everyone through a short training session before they get into the arena. This helps get comfortable with the bows as well as teaching valuable tips that will be instrumental to your success in the combat arena.


Q: Can I bring my own equipment?

A: Masks can be brought in, but they must be approved by a staff member on arrival. The only bows/slingbows allowed in the arena are the ones we provide. This is all in the interest of providing and maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear whatever you like, but those in athletic gear may have a noticeable advantage over those tight clothing and flip flops. Word of warning, tight-fitting clothing tends to rip when stressed and it is VERY difficult to run in high heels!

Q: What age restrictions are there for playing?

A: We require children to be at least 6 years old to play on our archery field. Youth bows are available. They may not yet be strong enough to use the equipment. There are no age exceptions due to safety, sorry. Everyone must sign a waiver before playing, at that time you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to pull back the bow/slingbow to ensure maximum entertainment during your visit.

Q: How do I play and how do I know when i'm out?

A: Most of the games are similar to dodgeball with the goal being to eliminate as many of the other players as possible. There is also an enemy target that can be taken out. Please check out our Overview page for more details. When you are hit or shot, you raise your hands and call out that you're hit. Walk to the nearest area with your hands held in the air. This is all based on the honor system. The referees will call you out if you get hit, but if they catch you cheating you will be sat out immediately.


Q: Is there food or drink allowed?

A: We have bottled water and beverages available in our facility and there are plenty of places in the area that serve both. You may bring water, but no other food or drink is allowed in the arena or shooting range unless is is part of an event you have booked with us. Please deposit all trash in the provided receptacles.


Q: How many arrows do I get each round?

A: The arena is stocked with varying amounts of arrows depending upon the gametype being played. There will be enough available for every player. You are STRONGLY encouraged to manage your arrows as it is an extremely important overall strategy in our games.

Q: Do you offer a membership for Archery Addiction?

A: Yes we do! Join today and receive these great benefits for only $30/yr:
  • $20 dollar admission (regularly $28)
  • Complimentary beverage each visit
  • 10% off a party or event package
  • Access to members only discounts
  • Access to members only events

Q: Do you offer events such as birthdays, team-building, youth groups, etc?

A: Absolutely! Archery Addiction is great for all of the following: Kid parties, birthdays, graduations, over-the-hill parties, business or corporate events (Great for team building), youth groups, retreats, lock-ins and MORE! Have a creative idea, please share it with us!


Q: Why do you collect a deposit?

A: The deposit is there to secure the details and staff for your event. For this reason, your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Q: Will you do offsite locations?

A: Yes, we can! We require you to provided the space which is a minimum of 20x50 feet. To see pricing and details you can go to the top of the page and select your specific event from the drop-down menu. To book an offsite location please call or contact us today. We would love to help bring fun and excitement to your area!


Q: What kind of masks are worn and do you clean the equipment?

A: We have two different types of fully-adjustable masks. One is paintball certified with shatterproof lenses. The other is airsoft certified with mesh lenses for better breathing. If your glasses have a very wide frame they won't fit the airsoft masks and may not fit the paintball ones either. As for cleaning, we wipe down and sanitize all equipment in between sessions using 90% rubbing alcohol.!

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