Corporate and Team-Building

Can't you just picture it? You and your co-workers decked out with full arena gear sprinting towards the ammo strategically placed in the middle of the arena. Strategy and teamwork will determine the winner as you match each player with their strengths to complete the objectives.

***We can host at our facility or we can bring the fun to you. Contact us for offsite options!

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Corporate / Team-Building

For corporate team-building events in and around the Rochester area, combat archery is a tough one to beat! We offer an activity that everyone in the office can enjoy. Who wouldn't love shooting their friends or co-workers in a friendly competition? No previous experience is necessary. both men and women are able to compete on level footing.

" Guaranteed one of the most original and exciting  team-building activities your company will ever do "

You can watch as your staff tackle the different game modes head on. This is a game where strength and speed are not nearly as important as strategy and communication! Add your company to the list of satisfied clients and organize your next corporate outing with us. We can tailor these events to fit your company's needs, can be worked on a budget and a day of combat archery is a great way to motivate staff, raise morale, and improve productivity.

Just a few reasons combat archery is a popular choice for corporate events:

It promotes teamwork and relieves stress in a fun and interactive environment

Strategic planning during the gameplay will uncover leadership qualities

Building team spirit and friendships