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    Set your birthday apart from the rest by booking with us!
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    The kids and parents couldn't stop talking about this NERF Birthday in Lakeville!
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    These girls had a blast in our Archery Combat arena for their birthday celebration!
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    Look how much fun they're having!
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    NERF Birthday at Grand Meadow Fire Hall!
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    NERF Birthday at our facility!

Online booking requires payment upfront, to pay on arrival please call us to schedule (507) 722-2386. It's easier if you have a waiver (click here) we can link it to before you call!

***We can host at our facility or we can bring the fun to you. Contact us for offsite options!

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Why have a typical birthday party? Instead, celebrate with your friends with the most unique and action-packed, thrilling, and fun day of combat archery. Here at Archery Addiction we offer an exclusive birthday package that is sure to set your party apart from all the rest. These parties are the best for kids between ages 6 and up (and adults who are kids at heart). We have had kids as young as 6 years old, the important thing is if they can pull back the bow safely and consistently.
Bowling and laser tag just don't cut it anymore and paintball is too messy. Kids want something they've seen in the movies or on TV (Avengers, Green Arrow, Hunger Games, Brave, Robin Hood etc..) Shooting a bow and arrow is the closest they can get to some of those. We offer an experience that kids (and adults) will thoroughly enjoy, and it will fit just about every parent's budget.
In our arenas everyone is armed with a 22-29lb bow (8-12lb for youth bows). Since we supply the equipment everyone will shoot with the same power and thus the competition remains fair. Someone that is 6'2" will shoot just as hard as someone that is 5'3". With the proper form there are few that cannot pull back the 22-29lb bow. The smaller archers will have the advantage because they fit behind bunkers better and present a smaller target!
Everyone will be outfitted with safety gear and the same padded arrows. This ensures the kids will have the most amazing experience they will remember for a long time. There is pizza and pop in the package with extras able to be ordered if needed. We do not have cake so feel free to bring your own. We do have tables and chairs you can use for the event.
If wanted, we can arrange and supervise a Birthday Tournament for the event. For larger groups we can do mini tournaments. This is to add an additional layer the the fun we offer at our facility.
ALL games are fully supervised by our trained experts and staff to ensure that your child will have a fun and safe experience. Please check out our FAQ section for more information and answers to questions you may have. Don't see an answer you like? Please feel free to Contact Us.