What do you get when you combine the adrenaline of archery with the ability to shoot at people in paintball and add the rules of dodgeball?

You get fitness and fun in the most addicting and stress-relieving experience you can have under one roof! Don’t believe us? Hit play and check it out for yourself! (Watch in HD for best viewing)

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Game Modes We Offer

*O = Available in Outdoor Arena | *I = Available in Indoor Arena | *O, I = Available in Both Arenas

Team Death Match *O, I

Standard gameplay with dodgeball rules. Get hit and you’re out. Catch an arrow in mid-air and that shooter is out. Catching an arrow or hitting an enemy will get one of your players back into the game. Shoot all of the enemy’s home targets to win.

Capture the Flag *O

Try to grab and return the enemy’s flag to your base. If you get hit, walk back to your base and count to 15 and rejoin the game. Catch an arrow and that shooter is out. The most flag captures within the time limit wins.

Medic *O, I

Choose a player to be the medic. That player gets only a shield but has the power to revive any downed players. When hit you become downed instead of exiting the arena. Sit on the ground and wait for a medic to revive you. The medic needs to reach you and count to 10 to revive you. Protect your medic, they’re the only ones that can revive! Gameends when one team is eliminated or time runs out.

Hunger Games *O

Weapons start in the middle and everyone else starts on the outer parts of the arena. On game start you must rush and grab your weapons and ammo. This is a free for all elimination game. Once hit, you’re out of the game. Game ends when time expires or one person is left standing.

Secret Agent *O

Each team chooses one player to be the secret agent. The game commences using the Team Death Match rules, but if your secret agent gets hit it’sgame over. The only catch. The agents cannot hide behind a bunker for more than 10 seconds before having to move to another bunker.

Infected *O, I

1 to 3 players start on the opposing team with 2 lives (2 hits each). All the other players are on the other team. If an infected hits you, you must switch to the infected team and you also start with 2 lives. Game ends once a team is eliminated or time expires.

Duel *O

Two teams, both in a line facing each other from far away. Each person knocks one arrow and aims at the other team. On command, both teams fire. You cannot move your feet from your position but you may duck out of the way. If hit you are out. Both teams take one step closer to each other and play commences again until one team is eliminated or time runs out.

Extreme Team Death Match *O, I

Standard team death match rules, but with dodgeballs added to the mix. Hope you’re quick on your feet!

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